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Everyone needs a professional headshot. With the rise of social media, the photograph we use online represents us when we are not there so if you want to be taken seriously and gain an advantage over your competition you need to make sure your photo is the right photo.

Our Headshot Photography Workshop is designed to get you started in the world of corporate photography.  Corporate photography is a great service to be able to offer your clients.  In this workshop we will cover all the technical skills you need to get started in this exciting area.  

We will go through an unplanned session to show you the whole process from start to finish.

The workshop covers the following:

  • Equipment required to get started.  We will cover equipment needed if you are just getting started and work our way to more high end equipment.

  • Getting your subject relaxed.  This is an important part of getting a good photograph from your subject.  Most people feel very uncomfortable in front of a lens so we will go through techniques of how to get people to relax on camera. 

  • Posing.  A corporate photograph represents that individual  so we need to make sure that the pose represents them and the captures the message that they are trying to convey.

  • Camera settings.  We will cover all the settings in the camera in order to get the right image.

  • Editing.  We will cover editing for efficiency.

  • Q&A.  We will have plenty of opportunity for questions

We have designed this workshop to be hands on with student participation and plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.  In order to make sure we get to everyone involved we are limiting this workshop to a small group so make sure you book early to secure your spot.  

By the end of this workshop you will have all the information to feel confident to approach clients knowing that you can delivery a quality product for them that they will appreciate.

Dan has worked with some of the biggest brands around such as Tony & Guy, HP, Westpac, Quickbooks, AMP and more.