Professional Headshots

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What does your photo say? As much as it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, this is often how opinions are forged. First impressions are hard to change so we feel that it is best to start off with the right note. Your photograph will represent you when you are not there to represent yourself so it needs to be good. A selfie might sounds like a good idea but if you want to stand out and make the best impression possible a good headshot will give you an excellent advantage. At a glance it will tell the viewer that you are a professional that takes their personal brand seriously.

We have packages that cater for any requirement. If you are a one person business or individual that wants to establish or improve their brand we can help. If you are a multi-national company who needs corporate headshots we can help. If you need something special we have a team of experts that include personal stylists, hair and makeup, photographers and videographers that can handle anything from helping you pose to building a set for your photo shoot. Best of all we make it affordable for everyone so there is no excuse for having a bad photo representing you any more.

INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE - Our pricing is simple. The photography session is $150. This covers the session, preparation and coaching. You then purchase the images you like at $100 each.

GROUP PACKAGE - $200 Set up fee & $100 per person (minimum 5 people) The shoot can take place at your place of business for no extra charge. Includes 3 retouched images of your choice.

Why not give us a call to discuss your requirements or answer any questions you might have. We promise you won’t get any hard sell from us.

Booking with us is simple. Just select your preferred time slot and enter you details. We will organise the rest.

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